Dewatering Services

Dewatering Services

EnviroVac’s Fluid Treatment Division is solutions based and specializes in sludge removal and dewatering of tanks, lagoons, and production processes for various industries. Our extensive inventory of dewatering equipment allows us to identify and develop the most practical and efficient treatment processes to solve our customers’ needs. Our goal is to optimize operational time and obtain the highest percent solids for sludge disposal and ultimately reduce our customers cost exposure.

Some of our mobile equipment processes include:

  • Temporary and Permanent Solids Handling Systems
  • Belt Presses /Filter Press /Centrifuge Rentals
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Systems
  • Sludge Conditioning
  • Batch Mix Tanks
  • Chemical Feed Systems


  • Envirovac’s Fluid Treatment Division provides on‐site services to treat any type of fluid in the oil and gas field.
  • We staff project sites 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.
  • We own and operate the required treatment equipment to meet the effluent requirements of the customer.
  • We are continually optimizing treatment processes.
  • Our services allow reuse of waters in on‐going operations, decreasing the demand of ground and surface waters while optimizing or eliminating disposal issues.

We provide customers with a team of experienced staff perform the dewatering operations and to ensure that the project runs efficiently with maximum sludge dryness being achieved. If you wish to operate independently, we also have a wide variety of mobile rental equipment.

EnviroVac can also provide customers with an onsite sludge evaluation to help determine sludge quantity and thickness. This information will lead to a more accurate determination of the amount of sludge which is to be dewatered and disposed of.

Contact: Clay Watkins


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Office:     (803) 769-1190