Chemical Cleaning

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EnviroVac Chemical Cleaning

EnviroVac specializes in chemical cleaning and decontamination services for various heat exchange and process system vessels in order to maximize efficiency. Chemical Cleaning is an efficient method of removing contaminant scale, corrosion products, water hardness deposits, and residuals. Chemical Cleaning can reduce downtime compared to mechanical or traditional cleaning methods, which is of great significance in critical path situations.

Chemical Cleaning can also be used for passivation to reduce future fouling or corrosion of process systems. EnviroVac engineers work with you to identify deposits and metallurgy, select the appropriate solvents, and design creative solutions.

EnviroVac provides:

• Excellent Safety Record from an OSHA Star VPP Certified Company
• Project design assistance and supervision by highly experienced chemical cleaning engineers
• Restoration of process efficiency
• Improved heat exchange and productivity
• Solvent selection based on metallurgy
• On-site mobile state of the art field laboratory
• On-site neutralization of waste from the cleaning process for cost-effective disposal

EnviroVac Process

Each chemical cleaning project is designed and supervised by a highly experienced engineer. In doing so, we assist in identifying deposits and metallurgy selecting the appropriate chemicals or solvents and developing creative solutions. Our procedures are safe for your process vessels. When possible, chemical formulations are water soluble, biodegradable, or neutralized onsite to allow for in-plant disposal.

Equipment for the chemical cleaning process
includes rubber lined tankers, pumps, stainless
steel units, temporary storage tanks, and mobile field

Chemical cleaning applications can be used for the following process vessel systems:

• Boilers (Power & Recovery)
• Evaporators (including Black Liquor Evaporators)
• Condensers
• Heat Exchangers
• Process Piping (including green and white liquor lines)
• Cooling Water Systems
• Condensate Systems
• Vessel & Tank Decontamination